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Senatla Innovative EV Components Pvt Ltd.," was incorporated in April 2020 to manufacture high power Chargers with advance technology to cater EV market under the brand of Senatla. Senatla Innovative EV Components Pvt Ltd. is a subsidiary of its parent company Senatla EV Products Pvt Ltd. and is operationally a separate entity. Since its inception the company has narrowly focused approach with R&D activities limited to High Power Chargers. Senatla is holding highly qualified and experienced team in R&D, Operations and Business development. Senatla has established itself as the leading brand for EV Component supply in the country with many of the top auto companies. Senatla has established a state of the art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad consisting of conveyor Production lines, Wave soldering and Product evaluation facility. Its parent company, Senatla EV Products Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2018 with a mission to be the leading manufacturer of products in the Electric 2Wh segment. These products cater to EV Auto industry and Li-ion battery Assemblers. Senatla EV Products Ltd believes in the principle of providing good quality products with a reasonable cost.


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